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About Our Guest Mary Carlomagno

Mary Carlomagno is a bestselling author, organizer, speaker and spokesperson specializing in helping individuals and groups embrace simplicity in everyday life.  She is one of the nation’s leading experts on organizing and a frequent contributor on national television, radio and print.

As the author of three previous books about organizing, Mary has been featured on the The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Today Show, CBS News, in Redbook, Real Simple, Design NJ and Woman’s Day and been interviewed on National Public Radio, the Joan Hamburg Show, and Martha Stewart Living.


Have you ever been in situations where you need someone to talk to, or perhaps a friend to lean on?  What happens when you can’t fine that someone, or have a friend full of ears?

Jersey Girl, Jessie DeSalvo, is there for you.  She is available for hire as your best friend!  This intriguing concept is presented by Mary Carlomagno in her new delightful and engaging novel, Best Friend for Hire.

I invite you to listen to my interview with Mary Carlomagno.  We will be discussing her spirited and hilarious novel, Best Friend for Hire, and how you can get efficiently organized, without perhaps having to hire a best friend!

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Listen To The Show (Tuesday September 12 at 10 AM CT) 

Mary Carlomagno's novel, Best Friend for Hire, is about the spirited and hilarious life of Jersey Girl, Jessie DeSalvo. A wonderful story about life, living, and the pursuit of organized happiness!  You can purchase Mary's book here.


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