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 From My Mama's Kitchen - "Food For The Soul, Recipes For Living"

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Testimonials and Reviews

I especially liked how Mr. Tan was so positive about Moms, and not just his birth mom. It was great how he spoke of how different “moms” influenced his life. There were so many pithy statements scattered throughout the book. In many ways this book reminds me of teachings from the Bible, especially Proverbs. It made me stop and think about my own mom and what I learned from her. This is a book all young adults should read as they begin their journey of life on their own, in fact it would be good reading in high school.
– Sherril Stubblefield

Johnny Tan’s lessons from “his mama’s kitchen” touched me deeply. In this exquisite little book, Johnny shares his “food for the soul” and “recipes for living,” born of experience But that’s not all. Throughout, he shares his heartfelt love and respect for the women who have most affected his life–his “mama” who adopted him at birth in Malaysia, loved him unconditionally, raised him wisely, and encouraged him to live out his dreams in the United States–and the eight “mamas” who befriended him and shared their recipes and their wisdom all along his journey to the successful, happy man he is today. Great recipes! Beautiful hearts. Beautiful book. I love it.
– Pat Morgan

I found “From My Mama’s Kitchen…” to be a sensitive and affirming read. So many of the vignettes resonated with me as well, having learned the basic lessons of living a content and happy life from significant people whom I have spent time with during my 65 years. Life has its ups and downs and the stress can take away from living and enjoying the singular moments. Johnny has an eloquent style of writing that is interesting and delightful. His moms’ recipes are delicious as well; I only wish there had been more of them. In the course of my travels I have been privileged to meet Johnny and found him to be as genuine as his writings. I only wish I could have met his moms as well.
– Bernice M. Foster (Redlands, California)

I met Johnny Tan at a speaking engagement. He was speaking about his book ” From My Mama’s Kitchen.” After listening to his review I knew I had to have a copy. His words about relationships & loving unconditionally were eye opening. “From My Mama’s Kitchen” is a book I had difficulty putting down. I have encouraged all my friends to purchase this book for pure reading pleasure.
– Diana Barnes

A wonderful little book full of life’s lessons from the kitchen. I was lucky enough to receive a copy of the book “From My Mama’s Kitchen” by Johnny Tan. This book is a wonderful little read. Johnny Tan touches on one very important factor, the Love a mother has for their children. At first I thought it was going to be a cookbook. Due to the name, however I quickly realized that it was a book full of stories about motherly love.
As the mother of 3 daughters and 2 step-sons. I not only have the unique love of a biological mother but also a mother who chose to be one. There were so many inspirational stories in this book, and it truly reminded me of when I was growing up. I had quite a few “moms” when I was a kid, and now that the shoe is on the other foot, and I’m a mom, I likewise have quite a few “kids” who are not my own flesh and blood. This book does have a few recipes all of which are oh so yummy.
This book is PERFECT for Mother’s Day. It is inspiring and light-hearted and the back of the book has spots to put your own thoughts. It’s a short read but well worth it!
– Christina Condy “Condygurl” (Australia)

A good friend highly recommended this book to me and after reading it on my Kindle, I also ordered the hard copy. A true story, the author, Johnny Tan, can be envied for having known all of these wonderful women he called his moms. By listening and learning he was able to pass along their great advise and guidelines for a successful living.
– Karin Reagan 

From My Mama’s Kitchen by Johnny Tan is about the power of unconditional love, offered to him along with a heavy dose of wisdom, by both his adopted mother in Malaysia, and the 8 other women with whom he bonded in America where he came to attend college…
Some of the motivational words of wisdom from his moms which helped Johnny overcome the challenges of everyday living include: Have faith that the right things will come along at the right time and in the right way; You can accomplish anything if you focus mind, body and spirit on it; Be present in the moment for what we do today will determine what happens tomorrow; Trust that all things will work out for the greatest good; Be a good listener; Never stop learning; and Successful people always visualize their successes before they actually attain them. I found this wisdom to be very close to my own philosophy and I am a big fan of guided visualizations,…
– Becca Chopra (Big Island of Hawaii) 

My 88 year old mother, a retired doctor and an avid reader, received this book as a gift. After reading and enjoying it she handed it over to me with a smile. My mom said the book describes what she has experienced throughout her life. "It struck a chord", she said. Anyone who reads this pleasant book can benefit from its well formulated wisdom.
– Lu Family

What a wonderful book this was. After reading it, I realized from Johnny, how everyone we meet, can have an impact on us. We learn from our own mother and other mothers, much wisdom, we can use in our lives. Living in the moment, as Johnny states many times, can lead to a very happy life. Living in the moment, makes us better listeners, and eliminates much anxiety we create unnecessarily. What a wonderful world this would be, if all of us would use the wisdom many mothers impart to us, as Johnny found out, through out his life. Thank You Johnny Tan for this book!
– Sheryl Carr 

I met Johnny Tan at a book signing for his book "From My Mama's Kitchen: Food for the Soul" After listening to his story, I knew I had to have a copy and food for the soul it is! Johnny has an eloquent style of writing that is interesting and delightful. The Recipes were very delicious as well!! I especially liked how Mr. Tan was so positive about moms and not just his birth mom. I loved hearing about all the different "moms" and how they influenced his life. This is a wonderful book of life's lessons from the kitchen. Don't hesitate to give this wonderful book as a gift to all the "moms" in your life!
– Shelly G

This book is great for all moms of any age. I highly recommend it. Johnny Tan's story about how 9 moms made him to be the man he is today is very inspiring. What Johnny learned from each of these moms is so interesting. Beyond my own children and grandchildren, Johnny's story encourages me to spend quality time with all the other young people God brings into my life, as I may have a lifelong impact on them. Then there are wonderful new recipes to try!
– Jody Miller

From My Mama’s Kitchen is a quick, but very inspirational read. It brought back memories of my own mother and the lessons of life she taught me. What I found so admirable is how Johnny turned casual encounters into lifelong relationships. His book brings to mind Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift; that’s why they call it the present.” I think you would be giving yourself a present to read this book! It certainly would make a nice present for the special people in your life.
Ramona Hamilton

I met Johnny Tan at one of his speaking event. The title of the book , "From My Mama's Kitchen" , sparked my interest in buying a copy and also I was curious about this distinguished looking Asian author.
I couldn't wait to get home to start reading his book. When I got started I couldn't stop. Johnny Tan is an excellent story teller. The book spoke volumes about unconditional love of a mother to her child and his appreciation of this love. Johnny was very blessed to have this kind of mother and more blessed to have met the other 8 moms who were positive influences in his social and professional growth and development.
There are so many food for the soul and recipes for living in this book and I highly recommend this to anyone who seeks success and all possible good in life. As for me, the best take away is on page 115, " being happy does not mean that everything is perfect, but rather that we have chosen to look beyond the imperfections"
I bought a copy and sent it to my daughter who was celebrating her birthday last August. Then last Christmas, I bought 2 more copies to give to two of my best staff nurses who are mothers too. I wanted to share to them this wonderful book which warmed my heart. Thanks for writing this book Johnny Tan.
– Luzviminda Zamora

From My Mama’s Kitchen is a sincere and heartfelt tribute to mothers, to women, and to the transformative power of love. It leads readers on a journey of the author’s life experiences, and ultimately on a journey of their own. Mr. Tan shares family history and life lessons, prompting us to reminisce about our own favorite memories in the kitchen with loved ones and friends, inhaling delicious aromas and being nourished with wisdom and support. Written as a gift of love for his own family, the author exceeds his goal as each new reader unwraps their own personal package of appreciation for the blessings they’ve received from the “moms” in their life.
– L. Olmstead

This book is a little jewel. Written in an easy to read style and coming straight from the heart. It celebrates unconditional motherly love while offering wisdom for life. I enjoy reading it over and over again. The perfect Mother’s Day present.
– Thomas Bentley

This is a heart-warming, feel-good read that offers simple, though wise advice for living a fulfilling life. A good reminder of how short, but precious life is.
– M

I originally bought this book for my daughter for her 30th birthday, and then bought a copy for myself as well. As a mother and daughter myself, I appreciated the common thread of lessons taught and learned in the kitchen, while mom’s are lovingly preparing meals and children are hungrily listening and learning. It’s clear to me that the author was speaking both to the mothers and the children, in his presentation and appreciation of his many mothers while growing up. This book makes a lovely read and gift for yourself and the mothers and children in your family and circle of friends.
– Kathryn Coffman

I received “My Mama’s Kitchen” from a friend. This book is a MUST read! Once I started to read, it was impossible to put down. The life lessons mentioned are helpful at any stage of life. As the author stated effective communication skills are essential in building a strong relationship. Many times what we hear is not what was said. It was amazing to see in words that unconditional love is a building block in the power and strength of a lasting relationship. It was an eye opener when the author discussed the importance of the different people that come in and out of our lives. This is a book to be shared with friends!
– Kaye Barnes Ward

This is a quick read. If you’re expecting a long one, you obviously didn’t look at the page count when you got it. It is a book that touches with the concept of motherly love and centrals around recipes for life. It’s nice how Johnny includes some recipes in the back of the book and leaves a few pages to include your own input. I think that Johnny touches an important element in this book – the love that mothers have for their children. I know that it doesn’t apply to every single mother out there, nothing is an absolute in life – but it is a nice book that is heart felt and warming. I like how he’s honoring his mom. It’s a touching quick read. I’d recommend for those that enjoy feel good, biographical, and lesson learning pieces. Oh, and those that like recipes too.
– J.Kimmel-Freeman “Mom, Author, Blogger,… (Ballinger, TX)

I thought I was ordering a cook book. But a lovely surprise as I read this delightful book one afternoon.
– 330dolly

I was so impressed how the author described his experiences from different women who had nurtured him along the way to his growing up & towards his career. I bought several copies to share with my close friends & my children because I know the contents of this book will nurture their mind how important mothers in their lives. I need to let you all know, readers of my review, that don't be deceive of the title, it is not a cook book of recipes but instead it is a cook book of nurturing.
– Amazon Customer

This book makes you think about your life and how you live it. Very insightful and inspirational. Worth a look.
– drc61

The author signed one of his books for my mom she absolutely LOVED it! She was (as was I) inspired on so many levels. She said was one of the best gifts I had ever given her! I ended up making a cookbook out of her recipes as inspired by From My Momma’s Kitchen! I also have a friend who’s mother passed away when he was in high school from ovarian cancer. Since then, now 33 years old, he’s managed to be “adopted” by many of his close friends’ mothers and the inspiration and unconditional love he’s received from them reminds me of the author’s story. I’m definitely getting another copy to give to him. Please don’t hesitate to give this wonderful read as a gift to all the “mothers” in your life – you’ll be glad you did!
– BLK Amazon Consumer

A good food for thought, repetitive throughout the various chapters. (we need to eat every day). I like the fact that the writer is a guy, honoring his mother’s witt, inspite of her not being “educated”, which proves that one does not need to attend a University. Knowledge is acquired at UNIVERSITY of LIFE!
– R Mona 

When I downloaded this book to my kindle, I placed it in my cookbook collection. Then when I got time to begin reading, I became aware that it is so much more than a recipe book. I probably will never cook the recipes, but I shall keep it handy to read and re-read for the wonderful helpful rules of living that I found here. Anyone who stumbles in this life, can learn from this wise man. He has been a great inspiration to me, and I moved his book from Cookbooks to Inspirational Stories which is by far more appropriate.
– Harlean Greathouse

I immensely enjoyed this book. I plan to keep it at hand to read and re-read … found it moving and inspirational. I am a “Mama” to more than my own children and I so hope they feel about me like Johnny feels about his Mamas. What a beautiful share. Thank you. And just in time for Mothers Day in the US.
– K. A. Mins (Atlanta, GA)

I had never heard of this book but was recommended by a friend….and I am so glad that I got to read this heartfelt book of love and life. I was able to identify with the love a mother has for her children and how Mr. Tan shared his recipes for life with his readers ….Thank you for your uplifting book on life and living it to the fullest…
– J. Dickow

Johnny Tan’s book is hopeful and inspirational. Besides an interesting look at his life, it is a road-map for living your life with character and purpose. I am a mom and found the book was easy to relate to and his humor I liked in the book also, beside the messages that you go to your heart.
I loved this book ! After reading it, I am picking it up reading pages I dog-eared to come back to. The recipes at the back of the book , especially the pound cake one, had me going out to the store that same day to get the ingredients…..This is a good book to send to loved ones!
– Judy K. Snider

I read this book, I like very much, it is a very interesting and heart warming book.
Everybody need to read this book.
– Martha

A good book for all sons and daughters. So true, in the kitchen we are fed knowledge to create wisdom. Johnny’s mothers are teachers of life. This book took me back to my mother, and the gift of being a mother. Thank you Johnny!
– Elizabeth Sosa

Johnny Tan takes his treasured experience and warmly shares his lessons with us all in a unique approach. This is an inspirational piece that helps all of us realize the teachers, mentors, and especially mothers we have had in our very own lives. It is an excellent piece that touches all generations and backgrounds, connecting us all with the warmth we all know that comes from a kitchen. A must-read piece!
– Michaela Gagne-Hetzler

A beautiful look into the wisdom of a mother, the life lessons we wish to teach our own children and unconditional love. A quick read and a must-have for Mother’s Day! Thank you so much for sharing these recipes for a successful family life!
– Lisa Canterberry

“From My Mama’s Kitchen is a beautiful little volume filled with wisdom. It’s a gorgeous salute to mothers everywhere and an acknowledgment of a woman’s ability to stand at the core of her family and provide those intangible things that make a house a home and a group of individuals a family.
Johnny Tan’s Mamas’ have given him wonderful lessons for life which he has shared with us. He has made a meaningful contribution back to his moms and to all mothers everywhere. Thank you, Johnny!”
– Udana Power (Los Angeles, CA)

An amazing look at family, love and experience with life. This read helps us to remember there is a lot to be learned from those who love us!
– Heather Mason

You learn more than you know from your mother. “From My Mama’s Kitchen” is a tribute and reflection of the powers of mothers in life. Motherly love is something that isn’t limited by blood, as Johnny Tan reflects on his own adopted upbringing. Thoughtful and touching, “From My Mama’s Kitchen” is a warming read that any mother or anyone looking for motherly wisdom will love.
– Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

This is a great book with a lot of interesting and thought-provoking ideas. Best of all, it is positive and uplifting. The analogy of life to cooking and enjoying good food is an original and fascinating idea. A sequel is needed and it could go in so many different directions. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is about discovering happiness, meaning, satisfaction and opportunities for personal growth in our lives.
– T. Gorski (Arlington, Texas)

Johnny Tan has a very clear and interesting way of writing. You enjoy the advice and help he has been given, and at the same time think of all the advice and help you have been given, not only by your mother, but by others who “parented” you. It is a delightful book and would make a terrific gift.
– AnnabananaAA

This is a great book, not just about the author’s receiving motherly love from a variety of great women but about the fascinating journey of life and how to find the happiness, the satisfaction, the meaning, and the opportunities for personal growth and learning that are out there. Definitely a “chicken soup for the soul” kind of read and one that will leave you feeling not just better but thinking about you, too, can adjust your “recipe for living.” It really should come with the dishes it provides the recipes for in the back of the book though!
– always

Johnny Tan’s book is filled with love, as well as great recipes. A must have collection.
– JPW27

I found myself thinking of my own mother, and of how I mother, as I read Johnny Tan’s remembrances of the women who taught him so much about how to make the most out of his life. I hope that I can be perceptive and appreciative of those who share their wisdom with me, and the book motivates me to keep sharing my thoughts with my kids – because maybe, just maybe, they will draw on it for strength one day, the way Johnny so clearly has here.
– Anonymous

This book was awesome! Coming from a male that loves his mother this book brought back so many memories. My mother passed away many years ago, and I remember we did many things that are in the book. Not only her insight, but some of Johnny’s are the same which makes this book so good. I learn that what my mother taught me at a young age in the kitchen would help me in life forever. The information in this book will relate to everyone. The book gives you a fuzzy feeling as you read, because your relating it to your mother. I would like to a follow up book.
– garGD

I know the author, Johnny Tan, as an acquaintance and was delighted to learn that, among many other accomplishments and professions, he is a published author. While reading “From My Mama’s Kitchen: Food for the Soul, Recipes for Living,” I was amazed to see how sentimental and compassionate he is and was touched at his love for his many mothers, real and adopted. There were sections that I identified with as a mother of two; but what surprised me was being reminded I was also a daughter of a mother. Even though my mom passed away several years ago, these passages brought back many loving memories. I’m not sure if he meant to give advice to his readers, but I plan to follow a lot of Johnny’s common-sense suggestions about living and loving.
– S. Boone

It is not everyday that you read about the significance of moms from a man’s perspective. Johnny Tan dishes out love chapter-by-chapter, incorporating the motherly wisdom he has gained from the beautiful women he so warmly calls his “nine moms.” Johnny mixes together the combined intelligence, practicality, and savvy of these extraordinary women, infusing his personal experience, resulting in a delicious blend of recipes for life. It has been said the kitchen is the heart of the home, and this book will have you looking at your mama’s kitchen in a whole new light. A fun and insightful read!
– Cathi Curen – Author & Host of Holistic Children Radio (Los Angeles, CA)

An inspiring read about the vital role that mothers play in our lives both as children and adults. I gave this book to my mom for Mothers Day and she loved it. I then read it myself and enjoyed it as well. It is a reminder to Mothers of the important role they play in their children’s lives. And it is a reminder to children of the vital role their Mother played in their upbringing. Besides life tips for successful living there are also some of the authors favorite recipes in the back of the book for you to try yourself.
– Alex1974

From My Mama’s Kitchen is a gold recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award®. The Mom’s Choice Awards® honors excellence in family-friendly media, products and services. An esteemed panel of judges includes education, media and other experts as well as parents, children, librarians, performing artists, producers, medical and business professionals, authors, scientists and others. A sampling of the panel members includes: Dr. Twila C. Liggett, ten-time Emmy-winner, professor and founder of PBS’s Reading Rainbow; Julie Aigner-Clark, Creator of Baby Einstein and The Safe Side Project; Jodee Blanco, and New York Times best-selling Author; LeAnn Thieman, motivational speaker and coauthor of seven Chicken Soup For The Soul books. Parents and educators look for the Mom’s Choice Awards® seal in selecting quality materials and products for children and families.
– Mom’s Choice Awards®

Johnny Tan has been blessed to receive incredible experiences & love from so many people. He returns the favor in this book. I particularly like the analogies between cooking and life. Johnny lives his wisdom by transferring his knowledge, spiritualism, & inspirationalism to the reader.
– Michael Tuerk

In this rather touching sojourn into the realm of motherly love, Johnny Tan, a Malaysian-born writer, adopted at birth, brings the warmth of love into print. During his adaptation to western life, he encounters eight other women who altered his life with their words of wisdom. He describes his “Nine moms.” From his spiritual moms to his regional moms, he embraces a very different aura of personal well-being, health, wealth and love. //From My Mama’s Kitchen// is flavored with words of wisdom and recipes from the kitchen. In addition, this memoir pays tribute to moms all over the world by honoring them.
The book features food for the soul and 30 recipes for living, “Coming to a Full Circle, My Moms and Their Wisdom, and concludes with nine sumptuous food recipes. Tan describes his work as, “A keepsake,” which enjoys the endorsement of the National Association of Mothers’ Centers. The book is a refreshing distraction from our busy lives, and reminds us what is truly important in life. It is easy reading and a fun book. Read it and feel enriched.
– Sacramento Book Review – D. Wayne Dworsky (Sacramento, CA)

The author, Johnny Tan, interviewed me earlier this month on his internet radio show for my book of daily inspirations for single mothers entitled Everyday Single Mom, and having been interviewed numerous times, his interview was the most thorough and prepared than any others. Afterwards, he sent me a copy of “From My Mama’s Kitchen,” and I have to admit that I enjoyed it and would recommend it highly.
While it’s a relatively short book at 135 pages, its contents resonate within the soul… regardless of whether you’re male or female… with kids or without them.
Bravo Johnny! You’re an excellent person, and thank you for sharing the advice you’ve picked up from the feminine “motherly mentors” in your life.
– Brian K. Shell (Detroit, MI)

Coming back home from college and having read this book, it opened my eyes about a mother’s perspective. It made me realize how much a mother cares and how she see’s things the way children don’t until they are parents themselves. It helped me understand my mother a little better and until this day, I think about the little things in life as “food for thought”s. Thanks for the beautiful insight on motherly love!
– Yessy

I really loved this book and find myself reading through it again and again. Johnny Tan’s writing touched my heart and reminded me of the little things I do in raising my son that are so important even still after they are grown and have left home. I would highly recommend this book as an inspiration to all.
– Anonymous

Love this book! It really speaks to the hear of a mom and their relationship to not only their children, but to the broader society. Johnny you are an great writer and you fill our soul with the words that keep it going.
– Stephanie Duckworth

Author Johnny Tan compiles all the right ingredients – gleaned from very special kitchens – to concoct the recipe for a good life. Prepare with love and serve immediately!
– Mia Vermillion

Johnny Tan’s book was a totally delightful read! It encompassed all the attributes of any great book. it had great storytelling, it was funny, and many great stories that anyone can relate to. I cant recommend this book highly enough. What a pleasurable read!
– greenachinemckay

Just as moms are typically the heart of the family, the kitchen is the heart of the home and Johnny Tan relates this beautifully in From My Mama’s Kitchen. The lessons learned, insight gained and love shared from his “moms” are heartwarming. This book is a “delicious treat” and great keepsake for any mom!
– Debi Silber Ms, RD, WHC The Mojo Coach (New York)

Mothers are an inspiration to us and food has always been a focus for social interaction. Johnny Tan’s From My Mama’s Kitchen: food for the soul, recipes for living is a tribute to the women in his life, the love and life lessons they showed him.
He writes, “designing one’s life is very much like preparing to cook a meal. According to them (his “moms”), the secret to a delicious dish is not in cooking it, but rather in the hours of prepping it. It is in these hours of preparation that the mind lovingly creates the dish and anticipates all the possible scenarios that may pop up unexpectedly during the cooking phase.
“I learned that sometimes in life, when solving the most difficult challenges, I need to be patient and fluid. I cannot rush or cut corners. Everything has its own time, and the more thorough and focused I am, the easier it is for me to achieve the desired success.”
A nice way to relate food and life.
– Heidi Thomas (Mount Vernon, WA)

From My Mama’s Kitchen is the ideal Mother’s Day gift! It is filled with heart warming stories that remind us of whoever nurtured us early in life. Johnny’s message is one that we all need: that no matter how much we grow UP, we are always our Mama’s children at heart. And if you’re still looking for that nurturing today, you can find in in these pages. Read it, share it, and gift it to others – it truly is good food for the soul.
– Nina Atwood “The Singlescoach®” (Dallas, TX)

“Reading Johnny’s book inspired me to continue making motherhood a priority and had me reflecting on the kind of legacy I would like to leave. Johnny’s words touched me from the depth of my being, motivated me to be purposeful in everything I do and encouraged me to aim high. Thank you Johnny for reminding me of how precious life is and how to live each day to its fullest!”
– Marissa Leinart “Voiceover Artist” (Gilbert, AZ)

Johnny Tan does a wonderful job of expressing the wisdom and warmth of motherly love. As a mom myself, this book touched my heart and resonated with my soul. This is a great book for yourself or as a gift!
– Patti Handy “Money Coach” (California)

This book is amazing with the various words of being a great mom and how many mom’s that he had. He has been blessed to have had nine women and shares their loving effect on his Values and life. This book has inspired me to try much harder to be a good mom and hopefully one day a grandma. He makes the most of everyday life and shares his learning experiences with such grace with each of his mom’s. A heart-warming Winner!!!!!
– BS Wilson

As Johnny Tan said, Moms are always ready to “impart their living wisdom to us through their various recipes for living”. In this book, he shares these “recipes” in simple yet profound memories of lessons he’s learned from 9 very special moms who have touched his heart and his soul. It is totally refreshing to see these lessons translated from the kitchen into everyday life, through a man’s eyes. Women reading this book will be amazed at the sensitivity and the insight! Enjoyed reading, and experiencing anew, recipes I’ve used in life, and then some!
– Patricia RS

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Johnny Tan’s book, “From My Mama’s Kitchen,” and agree with all the earlier reviewers in recommending it for your own leisure reading and edification, as well as a thoughtful gift for others. It is filled with pithy comments and wisdom about life and motherly advice and love.
– Dr. Jane Nixon White, Author (FL)

“From My Mama’s Kitchen is filled with love and practical wisdom. Each chapter touched my heart and provided me with “aha” moments. I hope that one day I will be a wonderful Mama like the ones Johnny Tan has been blessed to have known.”
– Joy Stevens, Co-Owner of Grateful Chics (Houston, TX)

This is book is indeed food for the soul,and a recipe for living for all individuals. Johnny Tan Has very successfully managed to capture the essence of motherly love.No matter what part of the world you come from, the language of mothers is the same, and all moms speak this universal language.
This book would be great gift,specially to remind ourselves of our mom’s wisdom that we carry with us through out our lives.
– Jayshree Dalal, A Mother – (Jewelry Designer)

Johnny Tan knows what really resonates with us all: LOVE! The book reads like a love note from mother’s everywhere. He has been able to take the sentiments of different mother’s and wrap them with a ribbon of unconditional love, wisdom and the need to express each generation’s legacy. As I was reading the book, I felt as though the words were meant for me. Being a mom myself, I know that there is a bond between mother and child that is unexplainable. I hurt when my son hurts and my heart soars when his does. There is a protective urge that goes beyond anything else that I have experienced in life. Too often, this relationship is taken for granted. Johnny has brought this subject to the forefront with such passion that you can’t help but to be proud of his commitment to women everywhere! Thank you for recognizing that our maternal nature ROCKS!
– Deborah Weed

The kitchen is the hub of every house, and like that hub moms are the hub of the family. They are the teacher, doctor, security blanket, and banker in the eyes of their children. By preparing their children for adulthood all moms pass down advice and life lessons learned from their mothers. Author Johnny Tan had the unique opportunity to learn from his mother plus eight more women he referred to as mom. I recommend “From My Mama’s Kitchen” to anyone whose life has been impacted by the lessons learned and advice gained from their mamas. The motherly love exemplified in this book will warm the hearts of both young and old. “From My Mama’s Kitchen – food for the Soul, recipes for Living,” is a testament to mothers’ worldwide.
– Steven Knight

I loved reading Johnny Tan’s account of his many mothers. Motherly love is always available to us and often it shows up in unexpected places. Johnny has experienced this and now shares his stories with us in a way that will remind us of the love we have for our mothers and most importantly of the love they have for us. Pour yourself a good cup of coffee and sit down with “From My Mama’s Kitchen”–you’ll want to share it with all the Mama’s in your life!!
– Laura Duksta “Hippie and The Bald Chick” (South Florida)

This is a wonderful book. It is well organized and very well presented. The author’s unique writing style made me think I knew all of his Mamas in the book. He gave you a lot of information to think about. I recommend this book to everyone.
– Karen Murphy

This book is full of sage advice for living. It is an excellent book for seasoned mothers to affirm their role with their children and those who have been in their kitchens, for expectant mothers on what an influence they will have on their children and for every child regardless of age or gender to appreciate the wisdom that has been shared with them.
While my initial read of the book took only a few hours, it will continue to be a reference book for wisdom I can impart and guidance for how I can continue to improve myself and the perception others have of me.
Thanks for putting your pearls of “motherly love” on paper for all to enjoy and share. These pearls can be borrowed and shared as “fatherly love” or just “friendly love” and can play a role towards peace worldwide as they have no ethnic or cultural barriers.
– Linda K. 51-year old, wife, mother, and grandmother (Dallas, TX)

Knowing Johnny Tan for many years, I was thrilled when he first told me he put pen to paper and would forever have in print the wonderful stories he had professed to me, sharing the inspiration he benefited from his many mothers. These women who influenced him, I can attest, have made him the man he is today.
A person of the highest standards, intelligent warmth, and radiant joy, Johnny always manage to find the cloud with the silver lining. In his book, From My Mama’s Kitchen-Food for the Soul, Recipes for Living, sharing the pearls of wisdom he gained from his nine moms he provides information and advice, prophecy and insight, showing the connections between cultural thought and traditions and the importance of the mother/child relationship.
A collection of personal stories and experiences, this book represents the amazing impact motherly love possesses on the human soul. Chapter after chapter it intensifies with deep meaning and sensibilities what it means to be a mother and perhaps more importantly the affects a mother has on her child.
Johnny’s undying respect and admiration of women and his recognition of motherly love is evident in his tender writing style. Whether you yourself are a parent isn’t important in what you’ll gain by reading its pages. Even if you have not experienced the luxury of motherhood, being a child once yourself, you’ll appreciate the goodness in tasting one man’s revealing journey of devotion, affection and worship of the nine women he so proudly calls “Mother.”
– Kathleen Tucci, Founder & CEO – Light Beam Productions (Frisco, TX)

A compelling book about unconditional love in a totally new perspective. After reading this book, I am able to view my mom more positively, and I am able to express to my son more clearly why “mom” is the way she is.
This book affirms I am truly a blessing. Feeling positive brings positive results – Amazing Book!
– Sylvia Delua Saenz, MED (Arlington, TX)

I feel it’s a mother’s responsibility to society is to raise well-adjusted children. Not everyone has had the opportunity Johnny Tan shares in ‘From My Mama’s Kitchen.’
Thanks Johnny, for your outstanding contribution and exaltation of women. This book cleverly combines and illustrates nurturing body and soul with recipes for life. Kudos to you for such an accomplishment! This is a must read for all women!
– Dorette Green, Author

It’s absolutely beautiful! I want to keep it out so others can look through it and enjoy its beauty. And to top it off, Johnny Tan have single-handedly changed the perspective of being an adopted child to one of beauty and opportunity with all the learning and love he exhibit for his 9 moms.
– Maia Berens, Life Coach (Santa Monica, CA)

Johnny Tan’s “From My Mama’s Kitchen” is a blending of inspiration, anecdotes, and advice for living. An interesting read.
– Shirley Cress Dudley, MA LPC (Charlotte, NC)

Simply put, “From My Mama’s Kitchen” is a delightful read that’s sure to satisfy anyone’s hunger for a deliciously sweet book! It’s a sincere book that pays a fine tribute to the author’s nine mothers, their life lessons, and amazing recipes!
I would suggest giving this book to your own mother – or any mother you know – because everyone, like the author, has had a strong, fearless woman who has left an everlasting impression in their lives. Bon Appetite!
– L. Broderick “Glamazon” (Dallas, TX)

What a lovely read. I hope mothers everywhere will read and come to realize the impact their love and wisdom have on all they touch during their lifetime. I highly recommend this book as a gift idea for anyone.
We all need the reminders to appreciate each other in all the ways we each contribute and give into the life of others. And the recipes are yummy!
– Debra K. Hannaman (Los Angeles, CA)

I love this book because it brought back many wonderful memories I had with my Grandmother in her kitchen. It puts things into perspective in all areas of motherhood for me. The various words of wisdom shared in Chapter 7 are definite timeless recipes for being a better mom. Wish this book was published 15 years ago when I first became a mom.
– E OHara

A good book if you want a short and sweet journey through motherhood. The recipes make also make the book a definite treat.
– J. Chi

I randomly found this book and got it for my mom. She loved it so much that she ended up buying it for all the women in mothers’ group. Ended up being a great gift idea!
– Delta Keoninh (New York City, NY)

Johnny Tan has used this book, From My Mama’s Kitchen, as an excellent analogy for the secret to the simple pleasures and appreciation of Life! Overall this book is extremely motivating and inspirational!
I recommend this book for any single, adoptive, foster, step or biological mother regardless of age or culture. It forces you to reflect back and rekindle many relationships that have cultivated an individual along life’s journey. It pays tribute to women, as playing a major role in child rearing and development.
I think this book is an excellent way to say “thank you” to any women regardless of their title, as a gift of appreciation for teaching someone about the valuable lessons of life. It shows that we can have many different influences in our lives, and still achieve prosperity. A perfect gift for any occasion!
– PS Root

This book is like comfort food for the soul. It brings sunshine to your life with the tales and experiences author Johnny Tan delivers to the reader. Being raised by my dad, not having a mother in my life, I still found this book to take me to a place new and different. The bonus is the recipe section in the back-it almost takes you to the kitchen of one of his 9 moms.
– Emily Ratcliff

The best discovered treasure-trove is motherly love. It is ageless, it is universal, it transcends cultures, and most importantly, it is unconditional! Such profound love, so expressive and elaborated in any number of written words – so heartwarming!
Overall the book is very educational, inspirational and very motivating. Enjoyed reading all the phrases; my favorite one is – Have Hope, Have Faith, and most importantly – Have the Greatest of all – Have Love!
– Anonymous

Johnny Tan shares his learning experiences and teaches us to observe and benefit from the lessons of everyday life. This book is sweetly inspiring and a perfect Mother’s Day gift for all the women in your life. A tasty addition to your library!
– Ulen Rose

I found this to be a very well written book by a first time author. He shares the blessings that he has had in his life and has obviously become a better person from having nine “Moms”. I wish more recipes had been incorporated into the story of his spiritual journey but otherwise enjoyable reading.
– S.J. Heath

I adore this book! This is the first book I’ve read that shows the best parenting happens in the smallest moments. Simple, everyday wisdom that we never can have enough of is passed down through shared moments in the kitchen.
Johnny Tan has been blessed to have had nine women help shape his life. In From My Mama’s Kitchen… he remembers these ordinary moments with his various moms and shares their loving effect on his life and values.
As teacher, coach and counselor a mother’s role is huge and never-ending. This book inspired me to try harder to be a good mom. I also bought a copy to give to my own mother and wrote in some of her ‘words to the wise’ that have served me well in life. I can’t imagine a better gift for a mom than these sweet memories of motherly love.
– Kathryn LeBras

This book is a quick and easy read. The author tells about several special women, or “moms”, who guided and inspired him during his transition from life in Malaysia to a new life in the U.S.
I particularly enjoyed reading about two of the moms who live in my city and are part of our ballroom dance community. This little book would be a perfect gift for Mother’s Day – or any day to thank the special “moms’ in all of our lives.
– Anonymous


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