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These proprietary workshops teach participants the ultimate mastery of teamwork through personal leadership and non-verbal communication.  The program utilizes the core elements of ballroom dancing and transforms them into a fun, engaging and entertaining activity that nurtures compassion, understanding, and empathy.  The workshop provides opportunities for the best practices of cooperation and experiencing mutual satisfaction through achieving a common goal.  

                                    Synergy In 3 Easy Steps - Couples

“Dancing with heart and passion creates a lifetime of bliss in a three-and-a-half-minute song.” ~ Johnny Tan 

This workshop is designed as an interactive activity ideal for Couples Retreats, Marriage Encounter weekends, church-sponsored Wedding Engagement classes, and programming at Corporate Events hosted by companies seeking to provide a unique, family-centered benefit for executives and their spouses.  The main focus is for couples to foster a greater awareness of their partnership and their partner’s needs.  Each pair will learn the dynamics of leading and following, and discover the joy of dance floor intimacy.

Participants will learn a dance style of their choice from a selection of Waltz, Rumba or Swing.  Couples will be taught the basic dance steps and techniques that sharpen their verbal and non-verbal communication skills.  They will learn that respect builds trust, which in turn leads to cooperation and love.  At the end of the workshop, all couples will demonstrate their dance routine and share their experience about the newly acquired partnership skills.

This activity is an excellent way for couples to discover or rediscover their “partnership rhythm” through authenticity, humility and speaking from the heart.  Enhanced harmony between two people invigorates a greater real connection.

                                                                 Synergy In 3 Easy Steps - Team Building

“Before you lead, you need to follow. Before you follow, you need authenticity and humility.” ~ Johnny Tan

This workshop is designed for companies and organizations seeking an innovative, energetic and effective Team Training program for their Millennial Workforce.  The course motivates participants to build confidence in themselves and in each other through creative thinking and trust.  Everyone will learn the dynamics of being a leader and a follower. 

Participants will be assembled into teams and have the opportunity to select a dance they would like to perform as a group.  Options include Swing, Salsa or Cha-Cha.  Everyone will be taught the basic dance steps and techniques that sharpen their verbal and non-verbal communication skills.  They will learn that respect builds trust, which in turn leads to cooperation.  Each team is encouraged to create a unique 30-second introduction to complement their dance performance as the final highlight of the workshop.

This activity is an excellent way for group members to experience personal development, contribute to their team’s "creative rhythm," and acquire new teamwork skills to utilize in the workplace.  Improved team spirit nourishes loyalty and strengthens the corporate culture.

                                           Synergy In 3 Easy Steps - Teen Cotillion Ballroom Dancing

 "A warm and engaging personality may open doors, however proper etiquette and good manners ensure the doors will always remain open.” ~ Johnny Tan

This fun and engaging workshop is part of Johnny Tan's Teen Leadership Academy curriculum.  Designed as a stand-alone course, the program offers parents the opportunity to have children learn how to develop self-confidence, establish comfortable and proper personal behavior boundaries, and work as a team utilizing verbal and non-verbal communication.

Students will learn the skills of leading and following, which are essential in partnership dancing.  They will enjoy using the fundamentals of ballroom dancing techniques which include the importance of good manners and etiquette to foster excellent social skills.

At the conclusion of the program, medals will be awarded to graduates at the graduation social dance with parents in attendance, recognizing their achievement for acquiring these important social and life skills.

Testimonials about Johnny’s Ballroom Dancing



Mesquite Symphony Orchestra
“It was great to have A Dance to Remember as a performing partner for our recent Swing Time!!! concert.  Margaret, Johnny, and their students ensured a memorable event for our audience and were incredibly easy to work with.  Every ensemble should be so privileged to join with dancers whose preparations outside the musical rehearsals are so thorough. Bringing everything together for the show was so simple!”
— Brad Everett Cawyer, Music Director & Conductor, Mesquite Symphony Orchestra

Angel of Dance, Inc.

“Johnny and Margaret, thank you so much for your continued support for Angels of Dance by performing at both our fundraisers and annual show “Dancing for the Cure.”  As always you danced like angels.  Your generosity and that of your students helped fund breast cancer treatment for women in need.”
— Phyllis Kramer, Chief Angel, Angels of Dance, Inc.

 Women In Need, Inc.
“Johnny and Margaret, thank you so much for performing at our 2nd annual Chocolate Indulgence Event February 6, 2015.  As a nonprofit domestic violence shelter, we are always looking for opportunities to partner with local businesses that focus on healthy relationships, and we believe we found the perfect match in A Dance To Remember.  Your dance was not only entertaining but inspiring.  Our guests went on and on about how much they enjoyed your performance.  The joy and enthusiasm you brought to this event will be remembered throughout the year.  In addition, thank you for your contribution to our silent auction.  We were able to raise much-needed funds for our shelter because of the generosity of businesses like yours.  We look forward to having you perform at our next event!”
— Cheryl Bahm, Community Outreach Coordinator, Women In Need, Inc. (WIN)


"Johnny has been my instructor for two years.  Professionally he has taught me the techniques I needed to do many of the ballroom dances.  I have a good frame for dancing and he has taught me how to follow my partner's lead.
I have learned the waltz, foxtrot, silver waltz, rumba, cha-cha, swing, country western and much more in private lessons and the group lessons he teaches.  I would recommend Johnny as an instructor for a beginner or any stage of your dancing experience."
- Dr. DeeAnn Dockins 

"My wife and I have studied a variety of dance styles with Johnny during the past two years.  Private lessons reinforce what we learn in group classes and provide the personal attention we need to improve our technique and develop dance styling, both individually and as a couple.  Johnny is a caring professional who teaches with patience, tactfulness and a sense of humor.  He excels at understanding body mechanics and intuitively knows how to correct small details that make a big difference.  Tapping into his experience and knowledge about dancing, from the man’s perspective, has boosted my confidence to lead my partner on the dance floor."
- Dave Olmstead

"Johnny Tan has been my ballroom dance instructor for over two years.  I continue to look forward to each & every lesson.  Johnny allows me to set my own pace learning each dance pattern.  He is so patient when I have a question about a particular step or move.  His sense of humor demonstrates the joy he derives from doing what he does.  I have a balanced deficit after brain tumor surgery.  He and I are so pleased with the progress I have made.  Johnny has brought the joy of dancing into my life!"
- Kaye Ward

"I've been dancing steadily since June 2015.  I have taken countless lessons from A Dance To Remember Studio with Johnny Tan as my personal dance coach.  He draws the best in me, often patiently teaching me that ballroom dancing is all the different aspects of my personality.  Be decisive and believe in me.  To be grounded like my golf and be light on my feet like my tennis.  Reminding me often, "do you wanna dance or DO YOU WANNA DANCE?"   
Over time ballroom dancing has taught me balance and poise, the passion of Tango, the grace in Waltz, the joy in Foxtrot and the give and take in Rumba.  When the music starts... I dance like nobody is watching, I'm dancing just for me, the elegance and glamour of... "A Dance To Remember." 
- Dolores Henderson

"My private lessons with Johnny Tan greatly improved my dancing and enjoyment of dancing.  I particularly appreciated his emphasis on proper technique.  As a result of his instruction, I have a better dance frame, am a better leader and have greatly improved my Latin motion and styling.  He knows what he’s doing and does a good job of passing on his knowledge."
- Jason Glatzer

"When we came to A Dance to Remember, we had no dance experience.  Six months ago, we took the plunge and began private lessons with Johnny Tan.  Johnny began teaching us the basic steps to Tango.  As we progressed, Johnny incorporated technique that was specific to Tango.  We’ve learned to step with the correct part of the foot, how to lower the body at the end of a “sentence”, how to use contra body positioning, and where to place the hands, and even head placement.  As we moved into new dance forms, this knowledge has made the learning process easy.  Johnny has helped us with Rumba, Fox Trot, Waltz, Swing, Night Club Two Step, and Cha Cha.  Johnny is a talented teacher and has an abundance of patience.  We now enjoy dancing together as a couple and consider Johnny to be a dear friend who has shared his love of dance with us."
- Steve and Clarice Elliott

"It is without hesitation and with pleasure, to recommend Johnny Tan as a ballroom dance instructor.  Johnny has been instructing me in Waltz, Foxtrot, and American Tango, for a mere four months, and both my skill level and confidence have improved immensely.  Johnny's strict attention to technical detail, poise, posture, and frame, have enabled me to grow in the mastery of the smooth ballroom dances.  It is my goal to continue my efforts, and to pursue the Latin dances, as well, having the utmost confidence in Johnny's ability to provide quality instruction in each and every one of the ballroom dances."
- Kate Coffman

"When Nanette and I wanted to improve our dance skills, we sought out Johnny Tan at a Dance to Remember in Rockwall, TX.  Even though we had been dancing for a couple of years, Johnny was quickly able to provide us with the guidance to some basics that greatly improved our dancing.  He is very knowledgeable in multiple dance styles and was able to articulate this knowledge to us in a manner that was easy to understand and process.  Thanks to Johnny’s expertise and instruction Nanette and I have continued our journey into the dance world with greater confidence in our abilities.  Thanks Johnny; see you on the dance floor."
- Michael and Nanette Broyles

"Johnny has shared his passion and skills in ballroom dancing with my husband, who was a beginner, and me, who thought I knew how to dance.  We appreciated his enthusiasm, patience, and encouragement which greatly helped my husband and I focus on our goal to develop our confidence to dance in the middle of the dance floor and have fun.  As a couple, we have found a new interest which adds spice to our relationship and social life.  Now, we know that there will be no dull moments for the rest of our retirement years to come."
- Carlito and Luz Zamora

"We moved to Wylie two years ago and had to give up our ballroom dance instructor that we had taken lessons from for a number of years.  We were delighted when we found Johnny Tan teaching ballroom dance at the Wylie Recreation Center.  Johnny is not only a professional dancer and performer but also a professional ballroom dance instructor as well as a professional country western dance instructor.  We have taken many ballroom dance classes from Johnny in the past year.  He has helped grow us in both technique and style.  Currently, we are taking country western dance lessons from Johnny.  This is an entirely new adventure for us!  Johnny is the wonderful encourager and exhorter that we need.  Johnny’s love for dance is most apparent.  He is enthusiastic, positive and always smiling!"
- John and Cathy Godeaux

"We have always wanted to learn to dance and it was on our bucket list.  The classes taught by Johnny Tan at the Wylie Recreation Center have allowed us to learn new ballroom dances in a low key atmosphere.  Johnny's teaching style makes learning ballroom dance both fun and challenging.  Now we actually know how to dance.  That's why my wife and I keep coming back.  It allows us time to do something together that we can take with us into our golden years.  If you've ever had an interest in ballroom dancing - try the ballroom dance classes at Wylie recreation center.  It just takes that first bit of courage to try."
- Kevin and Daphne Babcock

"We had wanted to take ballroom dancing lessons for some time.  At a friend’s recommendation, we started lessons at Wylie Recreation Center with Johnny.  It has been one of the best decisions we have made!  Johnny is an exceptional instructor with impeccable character.  He breaks down each step and methodically explains how it should be executed.  He teaches his classes with great enthusiasm while always demonstrating proper technique and style for each dance.  Johnny makes learning the different dances enjoyable."
- Hector & Deborah

"For Christmas, my husband gave me a gift of dance lessons but he wasn’t overjoyed when I actually signed us up.  I have to say, though, that Johnny Tan has been a wonderful instructor.  My husband and I have laughed, learned, and we both have had fun all because of Johnny’s exceptional teaching ability.  Johnny is patient, encouraging, easy to follow, and easy to understand.  I highly recommend him as an instructor." 
- Michele Dennis

"We have enjoyed our dance classes at the Wylie Recreational Center over this last year.  Johnny Tan is an excellent teacher.  He is very encouraging and supportive and creates a non-threatening environment in which to learn.  Johnny teaches both techniques of dancing and also stresses dancing with style.  We feel our investment of time and money to have paid great dividends." 
- Cele & Randy LeBlanc

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