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Johnny Tan RadioOver One Million Listeners have listened to Johnny's From My Mama's Kitchen® Talk Radio Show (FMMK Talk Radio).  The show airs on Tuesday mornings from 10 AM to 11 AM U.S. Central Time.

 FMMK Talk Radio ranks in the top 1% of Blog Talk Radio’s most popular shows.  The show topics address family matters, relationships, community diversity, personal growth, health and wellness, spirituality, and conscious living.  

Guests have included Amy Newmark, publisher of Chicken Soup for the Soul, The New York Times bestselling authors, experts in the field of personal and professional relationships, and artists.

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“Johnny Tan is a media personality extraordinnaire!  This successful author is generous in leveraging his brand to help spread the word of other excellent literature and authors around the country.  He's savvy, smart and wonderful to work with.” 
Julie Schoerke, Founder, JKS Communications, A Literary Publicity Firm, that promotes great books, authors & publishers 

"You would be hard-pressed to find a more thorough radio host than Johnny Tan.  My authors all come away from the interviews happy that he was such a well-prepared host!”
Gretchen Koss, President and Director of Publicity, Tandem Literary

"Where to even begin praising Johnny Tan - the man can do it all! I first came to know Johnny in booking authors for interviews on his wonderful, professional, well put together radio program.  My authors always say it's their favorite interview of the publicity campaign!  Then I began to realize how much else Johnny does, to help children grow into amazing adults.  His leadership program is just as wonderful as his radio show.  And his book is excellent.  I wish I had half his talent!"
Marissa DeCuir, President , JKS Communications - Literary Publicity

"What a great interviewer!  I had a terrific time on Johnny Tan’s show where we talked about my time serving in the Reagan White House and about my new thriller TRUST BUT VERIFY.  He is such an engaging host – I hope to be invited back on his show at some point in the future."
Karna Small Bodman, Author, and Former Senior Director & Spokesperson for the National Security Council for President Ronald Reagan

"Johnny interviewed me about my recently-released book for his radio show and he was the best interviewer I've ever had!  And I'd been interviewed by many for more than 25 years.  He delved deep into my characters' psyches (and into mine!), challenged me with intriguing questions, and kept me enthused for the entire hour.  I couldn't recommend him more highly."
Eleanor Sullivan, Author of Best-Selling Nursing Book

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