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From My Mama's Kitchen 

The story of Johnny Tan's bestselling, multi-award winning book “From My Mama’s Kitchen" talks about how 9 incredible moms changed Johnny's life. The story of these 9 women, with their unconditional motherly love, will also help inspire you, and lead you to do the same for others.

Story & History

Johnny’s 9 mothers developed his awareness of both life’s challenges and rewards from his one-of-a-kind kitchen classroom.  Johnny’s mission is to educate and inspire everyone to use the power of unconditional love to build real connections and leave a legacy of love. 

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"From My Mama's Kitchen" - The Book

From My Mama’s Kitchen reveals 30 timeless recipes for living dedicated to the realization and mastery of the power of unconditional love as potent leadership in the world.

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From My Mama's Kitchen - What People Are Saying

From My Mama's Kitchen Book Reviews

"It celebrates unconditional motherly love while offering wisdom for life."

"It brought back memories of my own mother and the lessons of life she taught me."

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From My Mama's Kitchen® Talk Radio Show

Johnny Tan's From My Mama's Kitchen® Inspirational Talk Radio Show

Over One Million Listeners have listened to Johnny's weekly Talk Radio Show! The show brings you motivational, inspirational, and spiritual stories from ordinary people performing extraordinary feats in our global community.

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Personal success begins at home – the power of unconditional love as potent leadership transcends cultures.  Whether you live in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, or in the Americas all parents, especially moms, have the same desire to share one thing with their children and loved ones – to provide food for the soul, recipes for living.

"What I have learned from my 9 moms - Respect the past, because it is a classroom for lessons learned.  Be prepared for the future, because it is my destiny.   Always live in the now, because every moment is a memorable experience." ~ Johnny Tan


"Lucky is the child who can identify and benefit from the care and concern of a network of mothers."
"Johnny Tan has tapped into the core of family life, connection, care, and communication - the kitchen.  He explores the importance of the back and forth between mother and child, the transfer of knowledge and culture, the expression of love and concern.  What intrigues me most is Tan's inclusion of his many mothers, women who have influenced his growth and development."
- Linda Lisi Juergens
Executive Director,
National Association of Mothers' Centers
Jericho New York

"From My Mama's Kitchen is Johnny Tan's charming, nostalgic look at the faith and wisdom imparted by nine moms who shaped his life.  Recipes for everyday living and terrific dishes grace the pages of this sweet mosaic book that offers bits and pieces of something for everyone.  A recommended warm and fuzzy read!"
- Debora M. Coty
Award-Winning Author,
Mom Needs Chocolate, Everyday Hope, The Distant Shore, and Billowing Sails

"From My Mama's Kitchen is a celebration of maternal wisdom.  Johnny Tan's love, respect, and gratitude for all the 'moms' in his life shine through every page.  These "recipes for living" should be required reading for anyone in pursuit of happiness and success."
- Susan M. Heim
Chicken Soup for the Soul: All in the Family 

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