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Johnny Tan advises individuals on professional and personal matters.  Areas covered may include career, health, relationships, self-empowerment and personal development.

Johnny’s one-on-one coaching and mentoring program provides individuals who are committed to high standards of performance with a personalized blueprint which leads to a balanced lifestyle promoting the client’s personal values and priorities.

Coaching opportunities for small private groups include one-day training programs and weekend retreats.  These customized sessions focus on key elements for success, targeting specific goals of the organization in an efficient and highly productive format.


“I met Johnny Tan at a ballroom dancing activity.  From our conversation, I found he was intriguing and possesses a special outlook on life.  At the time, I was just recovering from brain surgery due to a tumor.  I was uncertain about lots of things in my life.  When I found out Johnny coaches individuals on personal and professional matters, I decided to engage his expertise.  He provided me with a customized action plan that helped me regain a fresh perspective about myself.  This renewed confidence gave me the strength to tap into my natural leadership tendencies.  I was able to apply them once again to boost my self confidence, strengthen my relationships with my loved ones and live life with gratitude and anticipation.”
Lieutenant Colonel Kaye W. (Retired), Chief Nurse Air National Guard USAF, 188th Fighter Wing, coaching client

“After going through several life-changing experiences, I was spiraling into chaos.  My best friend recommended I contact Johnny.  My friend and I met at an event where Johnny was the speaker.  I was skeptical at first, but after my initial meeting with Johnny I was surprised at how much he was able to help me sort things out.  Today, I am glad I followed my friend’s advice and thanks to Johnny I am a better person all around.”
K. Johnson, coaching client

“My fascination with podcasting started when I discovered it by accident surfing the Internet in 2009.  As a science visionary, I began dreaming about hosting my own radio show.  I believed the content of my show would garner a multitude of listeners.  I had no clue how to set it up.  There was so much to learn, I found it overwhelming.  I was lucky to meet Johnny at an event in Los Angeles.  Through his mentoring, I gradually learned the business.  Now I am hosting my own radio show with a co-host on Blog Talk Radio.  Johnny’s expertise and working knowledge of the Internet radio business have enabled me to attract some world class personalities, such as Doctor Martin Rees, Doctor Robert Zubrin and many others to have as guests on the show.”
 — D. Wayne Dworsky, host of Alpha Centauri & Beyond, mentoring client

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