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From My Mama’s Kitchen book is dedicated to the realization and mastery of the power of unconditional love as potent leadership. It offers a wealth of wisdom, practical living skills, and effective communication techniques.

The book reveals 30 timeless recipes for living, ranging from the power of relationships to the nature of love and the meaning of life brought to the reader in the nurturing comfort of a kitchen setting.

From My Mama's Kitchen Book Reviews 

A compelling book about unconditional love in a totally new perspective.  After reading this book, I am able to view my mom more positively, and I am able to express to my son more clearly why “mom” is the way she is.  This book affirms I am truly a blessing.  Feeling positive brings positive results - Amazing Book!
– Sylvia Delua Saenz, MED (Arlington, TX)

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Chicken Soup for the Soul Book Series 

Johnny is also an invited contributor to the Chicken Soup for Soul book series.

 In 2015, “Thanks To My Nine Moms,” was the lead story for the chapter titled, The Other Moms in Our Lives, in the Chicken Soup’s: Thanks to My Mom, edition.  

In 2016, “What I Learned from My First Thanksgiving,” was the anchor story for the chapter titled, Simple Pleasures, in the Chicken Soup’s: The Power of Gratitude, collection.

In 2018, "A Suitcase Full Of Love," story led off the chapter titled, A Recipe for Life, in the Chicken Soup’s: My Amazing Mom book.

In 2019, “And The Good News Is…” story was featured in the chapter titled, Always There for Us, in the Chicken for the Soul: Mom Knows Best.

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