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As a REIKI Master Teacher & Healer, award-winning and bestselling author, talk show host, and a former chief operating officer, Johnny's life journey has prepared him to be a compelling experiential new voice for conscious living keynote speaker.  

Since 2009, he has been entertaining and inspiring audiences of all ages with a new insight on leadership, effective communication, and teamwork to supercharge their personal and professional success! 
Johnny's keynote address on "What My 9 Moms Taught Me About Happiness, Blessings, and Abundance" entertains and inspires audiences with fresh perspectives on personal leadership, effective communication and teamwork, and how to be in the flow of life's rhythm to experience harmony and joyful living.  

Johnny has been a guest on numerous radio shows, TV, a Luminary on Inspire Me Today®, and also featured in Voyage Dallas Magazine in 2018 - As One of The Most Inspiring Stories in Dallas.  His practical recipes for living enriches audiences regardless of age, with soft skills essential for living a harmonious life.  He inspires them to create opportunities to leave a legacy of love for others to benefit from and follow.

Click Here for a PDF of Johnny's Speaker One Sheet and Short Bio 

 Inspirational and Motivational Keynote Presentations

#1 Personal Success Begins At Home
Harmony at home translates to self-confidence, a positive attitude, and increased productivity at work.  Utilize Johnny’s personal knowledge to create the “harmony at work" experience for your team-oriented millennials and your corporate family.  His recipes for living will get everyone thinking while laughing. 

The audience will: 

  • Gain a new perspective on conscious living and personal leadership. 
  • Experience a behavioral change that is lasting, because it is a life-changing personal paradigm shift. 
  • Contribute to the corporate family’s loyalty and success through improved team performance and customer service, leading to increased sales and profits. 

#2 When Pot Roast Meet's Sushi - Setting the Table for a Multigenerational Workforce Conversation
Companies today are fortunate to experience the dynamics of having four generations sharing the workplace.  However, managing the diverse styles of the Traditional Traditionalists, Still-Booming Boomers, Xtra-Independent Gen Xers, and the Millennials, can be a challenge.  Johnny will share expert insights into the four generations, and their motivations, goals, and communication styles, bridging the generational gap.  The high energy and engaging presentation will transform your multigenerational workforce into a competitive advantage and strengthen loyalty. 

The audience will:

  • Learn how to identify points of generational conflict and areas of opportunity to defuse them. 
  • Practice specific strategies to strengthen verbal and non-verbal cross-generational communication skills.
  • Gain skills which help their team to successfully leverage the many assets a multigenerational workforce can contribute to the corporate culture.
#3 Creating Harmony for Joyful Working - The Power of Just for Today... & (1+1 = 3)
This inspirational, engaging and action-oriented presentation is specially designed for millennials, who will make up 75% of the global working professionals by 2025.  As an experiential speaker, Johnny teaches the importance of creating relationships that promotes the concept of (1+1 = 3) as the key to successfully achieve teamwork success and maintain a healthy work-life balance.  His advice and anecdotes are drawn from his own experiences, and from successful professionals in a variety of industries who have been guests on his talk radio show.  Johnny's highly practical recipes for living will empower the audience to take action immediately and experience a dynamic change in their lives.   

The audience will: 

  • Learn how to create their personal brands, and project a professional image both in person and online.
  • Strengthen their verbal and non-verbal communication skills and networking prowess.
  • Learn how to build lasting relationships in their professional and personal life. 
  • Develop strategies to assemble a winning team and promotes loyalty.
  • Increase their opportunities for career advancement and personal success. 
  • Be inspired to improve their community and leave a legacy for others to follow. 

Creative Content-Rich Workshops

In addition to Johnny’s keynote presentations, he has three fun-filled, content-rich, proprietary workshops that can be custom tailored to meet your company’s specific needs. All of Johnny’s presentations are high energy, funny, practical, and designed for audience participation. The workshops can be presented as unique stand-alone programs, delivered in parts sequentially, or scheduled during successive events.  Please allow 120 to 150 minutes for each program.

#1 Effective Communication: Listen and Talk Your Way to Success
This workshop is designed to teach individuals 3 Keys to Effective Communication.  Diffusing potential conflict before it begins and resolving conflict amicably with dignity and respect are essential ingredients for personal success.  The presentation, filled with hilarious anecdotes, provides participants with recipes to:

  • Forge lasting relationships that open doors to partnerships and opportunities.
  • Reach out to colleagues with genuine enthusiasm, support, and gratitude, to build trust for mutual success and achievement.
  • Use constructive notes and personal experiences to support and encourage colleagues, strengthening lasting relationships.  

A harmonious work environment with effective communication reduces misunderstandings.  The participants will develop a proactive approach to identify, clarify and resolve conflicts, have the ability to de-escalate confrontational situations in 90 seconds or less, and promote camaraderie among team members resulting in strengthen loyalty and increased productivity. 

#2 Turning a Job into a Career
This workshop helps individuals develop a concept of personal ownership that leads to increased productivity, and better positions them for potential career advancement.  Participants will learn how to identify their intellectual and emotional gifts and take responsibility to maximize these gifts in ways to benefit themselves, co-workers, and their employer. 

We all have the capacity to determine our attitude about our work.  When employees channel their passion into their work and view their job as a career, they will experience the satisfaction of being in the sweet-spot of life, and the company will benefit from increased loyalty and strengthen its corporate culture. 

#3 Synergy In 3 Easy Steps: The Power of Teamwork  
These proprietary workshops teach participants the ultimate mastery of teamwork through personal leadership and non-verbal communication.  The program utilizes the core elements of ballroom dancing and transforms them into a fun, engaging and entertaining activity that nurtures compassion, understanding, and empathy.  The workshop provides opportunities for the best practices of cooperation and experiencing mutual satisfaction through achieving a common goal.

A] Corporate Team Building: This workshop is designed for companies and organizations seeking an innovative, energetic and effective Team Training program for their Millennial Workforce.  The course motivates participants to build confidence in themselves and in each other through creative thinking and trust.  Everyone will learn the dynamics of being a leader and a follower.

The basic dance steps for either the Swing, Salsa, or Cha-Cha will teach everyone the techniques on how to sharpen their verbal and non-verbal communication skills.  They will learn that respect builds trust, which in turn leads to cooperation. 

This fun workshop is an excellent way for group members to experience personal development, contribute to their team’s "creative rhythm" and acquire new teamwork skills to utilize in the workplace.  Improved team spirit nourishes loyalty and strengthens the corporate culture.

B] Couples: This workshop is designed as an interactive activity ideal for Couples Retreats, Marriage Encounter weekends, church-sponsored Wedding Engagement classes, and programming at Corporate Events hosted by companies seeking to provide a unique, family-centered benefit for executives and their spouses.  The main focus is for couples to foster a greater awareness of their partnership and their partner’s needs.  Each pair will learn the dynamics of leading and following, and discover the joy of dance floor intimacy.

The basic dance steps for either the Waltz, Rumba, or Swing will teach everyone the techniques on how to sharpen their verbal and non-verbal communication skills.  They will learn that respect builds trust, which in turn leads to cooperation and love.

This fun workshop is an excellent way for couples to discover or rediscover their “partnership rhythm” through authenticity, humility and speaking from the heart.  Enhanced harmony between two people invigorates a greater real connection.

 Click Here for a PDF of Johnny's Speaker One Sheet and Short Bio


Multigenerational Workplace Teamwork Keynote
“Johnny spoke to our women’s professional group about “setting the table for a multigenerational workforce” – hilariously titled “When Pot Roast Meets Sushi.”  He shared his professional journey into a management role at a young age and how he navigated the differences in perspectives on age and managing people with care, consideration, and motivation.  He seems to have a gift for understanding how to “meet people where they are.”  Johnny’s zest is contagious!  His presentation reminded me of the rich experiences that life brings each of us, and how we need to be open to the lessons that each phase and each individual we meet brings us.  Johnny’s fun and playful presentation taught us how to dance through these life lessons with graceful steps!” 
 Lindsey Duhon, Assistant to Jason C. Rebrook, President, Hilcorp Energy Company

“Johnny, thanks for sharing your wisdom and inspiration with the women of EWI Houston. So many members raved about your presentation, and we walked away from our meeting armed with valuable information to improve our communication both within our personal and business lives. I was so moved by your message that I started connecting with my colleagues, family, and friends the very next day with a new approach, and the results have been amazing. Thank you for a fantastic presentation.” 
 Tara Converse, Administrative Director and Assistant to the CEO, Recipe for Success Foundation

From My Mama’s Kitchen Life's Lessons Keynote
“Johnny has an incredible story that brings to life lessons learned and applied throughout his journey.  Listening to and learning from Johnny will change your perspective and your life!” 
Carece Slaughter, CEO, Wealth & Business Coach, Strategic Planner, Speaker | Purpose Directed Wealth Strategies®

Leadership Excellence Keynote
“In sharing his personal story about overcoming life’s challenges with great enthusiasm for the future, Johnny’s leadership speech brought inspiration to my team.  We were left with renewed energy, focus, and strategic skills to use in enhancing our work and home life.” 
Kathleen Tucci, Founder, and CEO, Light Beam Productions 

Organizational Excellence Keynote
“Our family-owned business has always been proud of our corporate family culture.  However, sometimes it is easy to forget how many lives we impact daily because of business demands.  Johnny’s potent leadership message from his book, From My Mama’s Kitchen, gave me the awareness and appreciation of my role and how I have the opportunity each day to positively influence both my employees and customers.”
Michael Burnett, Vice-President, Midwest Tropical

Effective Communication Keynote
"I've known Johnny for over two years, having first met him as a guest on his FMMK Talk Radio show, where he interviewed me and asked questions about my novel "The Collectibles".  One of Johnny’s questions was What is your recipe for living?  As we talked for an hour, and then another, I was fascinated by the depth and understanding in Johnny’s approach, and deeply moved by his interest in other people, and more importantly, how he could see and bring out the best in them.  As founder of From My Mama's Kitchen and author of the award-winning book of the same title, Johnny explores a subject to which he is fully committed: Unconditional Love.  I’ve watched him address audiences and seen the expression on their faces as he conveys his wisdom and reaches their hearts.  As well as an accomplished author and talk radio show host, Johnny is an accomplished motivational speaker with an amazing business background, committed to using his keen organizational and leadership skills to make the lives of others better."
Jim Kaufman, Chairman of the Board, The Kaufman Group, Ltd.; Author; Former Chairman, Board of Imaging the World
Conference Keynote
“Johnny’s ability to ‘reinvent’ his presentation to fit our specific needs and program was nothing short of impressive!  He demonstrated a sincere desire to discover our guild, to carefully listen to our needs and what we are working towards… was obvious from the moment we met him.  Every person who filled out our feedback forms recognized the impact and significance of Johnny’s keynote address.  The quality of his presentation and the personality he brought to the talk was as enjoyable as it was moving.”
David W. Smith, Chairman, Heritage Writers Guild
ProSpeak Keynote
“Johnny revealed to us what the immense power of unconditional love can do for our personal and professional goals.  His character and beliefs are not only the product of his adopted mom’s upbringing, but eight other exceptional moms have had a direct influence on his life’s journey.  Johnny’s message delivers value and motivation to all who are willing to accept the impact of a mother’s unconditional love.”
Anthony A. Kung, Toastmasters Group

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