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About Our Guest Daniel Bruce Levin

Daniel Levin has lived many lives in this lifetime.  He studied in a seminary in Jerusalem, Israel to become a Rabbi, only to leave one day before he was to be ordained.  He ran an assortment of businesses and was the director of business development at Hay House leading the company from $3 million a year in sales to $100 million in sales 10 years later.  He owned a clothing company, a branding business, and a coaching practice and was a monk for 10 years in a yoga order in Northern California.

We live in the most connected time the world has ever know, but so many of us feel disconnected.  We are a divided nation and world.  We fight each other from our silo’s taking sides one against the other over skin color, sex equality, environment, borders, religion, and politics.  We shout over each other, rather than listening to what each other is trying to say.

The Mosaic Process disrupts those silos by helping us see the walls that protect us, separate us from each other.  The Process encourages us to connect not only with like minds but with unlike minds and invites us to see what we are looking at, differently.

The MOSAIC by Daniel Bruce Levin tells a story about a boy who loses his parents two years apart on the very same day.  When he asked the adults, where his parents went, they tell him his parents are in a place called Heaven.  So the boy sets out in search of Heaven, and along the way, he meets an assortment of characters who are not what they seem at first glance.  When he realizes that what he sees is not what is, he meets The Monk, who unzips the sky and walks him over to a parallel reality.

I invite you to listen to my interview with Daniel Bruce Levin. Our conversation will be about his life’s journey, and passion for enriching humanity with his inspiring book, The MOSAIC.

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Listen To The Show (Tuesday, February 19 at 10 AM CT) 

A ground-breaking book in the tradition of The Alchemist and The Celestine Prophecy, The Mosaic, by marketing expert and activist Daniel Bruce Levin invites you to see the world from a new point-of-view— one that focuses on what connects us to each other and brings us happiness.

The Mosaic is a magical book that will inspire conversation around the possibilities that exist when we are able to see what we do not see.  It will entertain and uplift you through the magic of connection, and it will linger with you well after you finish its story.

You can purchase Daniel Bruce Levin's book here.


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