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About Our Guest Chef Rossi

Chef Rossi grew up “orthodox light” (her family kept the meat and dairy dishes separate but ate McDonalds’ fish sandwiches).  A rebellious daughter, she was shipped off from her Hungarian Yiddish family to live with a chasidic rabbi in Brooklyn.  Feeling restless, Rossi broke free from religious and familial constraints to create a life of her own.  What began as a revolt against the microwave turned into a quest to make food that is fearless, fun and, most importantly, delicious.

Chef Rossi is the catering director, owner and executive chef of The Raging Skillet, a cutting-edge catering company known for breaking any and all rules.  She has earned a reputation as the one to call when it's time to do something different.  Her company was voted as one of New York’s Top Wedding Caterers by The Knot for the last nine consecutive years, and has now taken their place as a HALL OF FAME winner!

The Raging Skillet has been featured on The Food Network.  The Zagat's Guide has called Rossi "the wildest thing this side of the Mason Dixon Line."  The Raging Skillet has been written up as "The new Rebel Anti-Caterer” by The New York Times, and winner of the Couple’s Award for favorite caterer by The Wedding Wire!  Go Magazine has voted Rossi "one of the 100 women we love!"

Everything is personalized down to the menu and style of service at The Raging Skillet.  If you are tired of old fashioned sit-downs, then try family style, table-side French Service or Chef Rossi’s personal fave: The Floating Supper!

Their food reflects fusions from Korea, Japan, Thailand, Cuba, South Carolina, New Orleans, Morocco, Jamaica, India, Puerto Rico, The South-West, The Middle-East, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and Chef Rossi’s mother’s Hungarian Yiddish home cooking.

The Raging Skillet was the official caterer of V Day, considered to be the biggest thing in the women’s movement since the burning of the bra at which celebrities from Glenn Close to Susan Sarandon to Whoopi Goldberg performed for thousands to end violence against women.

I invite you to listen to my interview with Chef Rossi.  Our conversation will be about her life’s journey cooking her way through some of life’s biggest challenges in New York City’s most unlikely kitchens, her memoir, The Raging Skillet, and what is the hottest dish this holiday season!

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Listen To The Show (Tuesday, November 27 at 10 AM CT) 

The Raging Skillet is one woman’s story of cooking her way through some of life’s biggest challenges in New York City’s most unlikely kitchens.  Talking her way into any cooking job she could get, a self-taught and self-made Rossi ended up owning one of the most sought-after catering companies in the city.

The book features anecdotes from a life of food plus recipes - ranging from pizza bagels to tuna tartare - to close each section.  This tasty memoir shows us how Chef Rossi found a way to pay tribute to her roots while staying true to herself.

You can purchase Chef Rossi's book here.

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