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About Our Guest Peggy Sealfon

Peggy Sealfon is a personal development coach, author, motivational speaker and internationally-recognized as an expert on dealing with stress and anxiety.  She is certified and fluent in a variety of life-changing modalities from ancient yogic techniques to training in modern psychology and the neurosciences. 

Many individuals and companies have adopted Peggy's highly effective Stress Buster System and her Integrated Life Plan throughout the United States.  She is also the author of the best-selling book, Escape From Anxiety - Supercharge Your Life With Powerful Strategies From A to Z.

With the holiday season just weeks away, excitement and anxiety are in the air!  Some of us are looking forward to visiting with families and catching up with friends, while others are preparing themselves for perhaps a different type of encounter.  Regardless of which excitement it is, one thing for sure is the holidays are for living happy and well!

I invite you to listen to my interview with Peggy Sealfon.  Our conversation will be about her life’s journey, and how you can ready yourself to live happily and well during the holiday season, and beyond!

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Listen To The Show (Tuesday, November 13 at 10 AM CT) 

A comprehensive easy-to-read guide through over 100 transformational strategies.  This self-help book is uniquely organized to suit personal lifestyles.  Part I is a veritable alphabet of bite-sized solutions from A to Z to use immediately.  Part II shares advice on cultivating a personalized program for sustainable relief.

It also provides foundational scientific understandings about changing habits and shifting out of painful patterns to supercharge one’s life!  Escape From Anxiety is a professional and personal compilation of effective, time-tested skills based on modern psychology, energy medicine, ancient eastern methods of mindfulness and spirituality, as well as breakthroughs in the neurosciences.

You can purchase Peggy Sealfon's book here.

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