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About Our Guest Lily Sanders

Lily Sanders is one of the top 15 coaching experts in New York City. Her life experiences, adversity, talent, sense of humor, and intense compassion has gifted her a purpose to inspire thousands of lives.

Lily specializes in transition and spiritual guidance.  She helps others see through all the minutiae in life situations to gain clarity and focus on their soul purpose.  No matter what someone’s story is, Lily is not about holding onto stories.  She teaches others how to stop seeing themselves as a victim and instead, learn how to use these experiences to become an empowered expression of love and truth.

Lily grew up in a domestically violent home, and used ballet class as her sanctuary.  Performing and producing was her dream since she was a young child.  She later went on as a professional dancer and landed interesting gigs as a dance contestant on Ed McMahon’s Star Search, and a Showgirl/Dancer on Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey Circus.  She continued onto a promising acting career and won various Off Broadway roles and a day player role on ABC’s One Life to Live.

Her newly international released book, Truth to Triumph: A Spiritual Guide to Finding Your Truth has already begun transforming lives.

I invite you to listen to my interview with Lily Sanders.  Our conversation will be about her life’s journey, her passion for humanity, and her work in helping others transform by finding their truth with her message of love.

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Listen To The Show (Tuesday, May 8 at 10 AM CT) 

A mindful selection of true and first time revealed stories, insight, and spiritual undertones that come together as a powerful symphony of inspiration and triumph.  The intent of exposing these secrets is to help others take all of the minutiae in life situations, and use it for positive transformation in their lives.
You can purchase Lily Sanders book here.


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