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About Our Guest Veronica Farmer

Veronica Farmer is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, and is an experienced Craniosacral Therapist in Brisbane, Australia.  She helps people let go of body locked emotions, stress, anxiety and 'busy' syndrome so they can find greater clarity, purpose and live fuller more rewarding lives.

Veronica runs clinics in Brisbane, Gold Coast and North Sydney working with individual clients, couples and families, and works online or over the phone with clients all over the world.  She is also an executive member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.  Veronica has a passion for guiding others to positive health and wellness.  She has worked with babies through to the elderly, world class athletes, executives, celebrities and health care professionals to help them calm and de-toxify their minds and bodies from stress.

Made Beautiful by Scars is a global story movement for change around how we see our life scars collected Veronica Farmer.  She seeks out interesting people all over the world to interview.  People who have taken their life scars and become an inspiration, leaving a legacy that makes others and our world better.  Her collection includes stories from eco-warriors, scientists, world record athletes, actors, film-makers, musicians, business geniuses and more!  These stories are combined with stories from everyday heroes who are also making a difference in the world as well.  The stories are raw and real, and offer a peak into the rich workings of a vulnerable scarred heart with intentions to healing our own.

Veronica was diagnosed with extensive cancer just days before her wedding, and it was a powerful life scar for her.  Made Beautiful by Scars started with the idea of sharing how Veronica finding a renewed perspective on life after facing death made her more beautiful.  She then realized hosts of other peoples’ lives are molded gracefully by their own scars.

In Book One of the Made Beautiful by SCARS, Veronica shared her fascinating scar story, and that of Mo Gawdat CBO of Google X and his Happiness mission touching millions, Eco-warrior and rhino protector Damien Mander, as well as world record Paralympians, musicians, scientists and humanitarians from around the world, and everyday heroes.

I invite you to listen to my interview with Veronica.  Our conversation will be about her life’s journey, and passion in helping others through her Made Beautiful by Scars global story movement project from “the land down under!”

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Listen To The Show (Tuesday, May 1 at 10 AM CT) 

Made Beautiful by Scars is a global story movement for change around how we see our life scars collected by author and therapist Veronica Farmer from Brisbane, Australia.  These stories are being read all over the world and have created an online community of story-tellers and readers coming together to share wisdom and insight for overcoming some of life's most challenging life scars.
You can purchase Veronica Farmer's book here.


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