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About Our Guest Amy Newmark

 It is that time of the year to honor our moms for the unconditional love we received from them.  Let's celebrate Mother's Day early.  The latest Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Amazing Mom, offers a collection of 101 stories of Love and Appreciation. 

Whether it is a gift to moms, grandmothers, stepmothers, mothers-in-law, or honorary mothers, the book will make them laugh, tear up, and nod their heads in recognition, and most importantly—know they’re appreciated and loved.

I invite you to listen to my interview with Amy.  We will be having a conversation about stories of amazing mothers that will touch your heart and move your soul. 

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Listen To The Show (Tuesday, March 27 at 10:00 AM CT) 

Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Amazing Mom

Amy Newmark has served as the publisher and editor in chief for Chicken Soup for the Soul since 2007.  She has authored and co-authored all of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book since then. 

You can purchase Amy Newmark's Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Amazing Mom book here.


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