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2018 Radio Show Guests

Upcoming Guests 

December 18: Karna Small Bodman - Trust But Verify, A Novel Inspired By The Reagan Era

December 11: Polo Tate - No One Can Take Your Joy When You Live Heart First 

December 4: Amy Newmark - The Wonder of Christmas 

November 27: The Raging Skillet and The Hottest Dish This Holiday Season with Chef Rossi 

November 20: Les Jensen - Bringing Heaven Back To Earth 

November 13: Peggy Sealfon - Living Happy and Well During the Holiday Season 

November 6: Amy Newmark - Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Best Advice I Ever Heard 

October 23: Shanna Lee - The Soul Frequency - Your Healthy, Awakened, and Authentic Self 

October 16: Theasa Tuohy - Flying Jenny - An Entertaining Piece of Historical Fiction 

October 9: Ariane de Bonvoisin - Giggles and Joy: Spiritual Life Lessons for Kids 

October 2: Amy Newmark - Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think, Act & Be Happy 

September 25: Rev. Patricia Cagganello - Everyone Has A Sacred Story Waiting To Be Told 

September 18: Christy Whitman - Quantum Success 

August 28: Denise Alexander Pyle - The Power of 1(0): A Guide to Living the Ten Commandments in Modern Times

August 14: Amy Newmark - Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Yes 

July 24: Mike Hintz - Discover Your Best Life - Live the Language of Personal and Professional Success 

July 17: Karen Noe - WE Consciousness: 33 Profound Truths For Inner and Outer Peace 

July 10: Katherine Jegede - Infinite Possibility - Creating The Life You Want 

June 26: Amy Newmark - Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Miracle of Love 

June 19: Stefania Magidson - The Laws of the Universe and the Manifestation of Destiny 

June 12: Dena Merriam - My Journey Through Time: Life, Death, and Rebirth

June 5: Michael Edward Bradford - Mastering The Human Experience: Your Soul's Journey on Earth 

May 29: Brian H. Peterson - A Reflection of Faith, Art and My Battle with Parkinson’s

May 22: Amy Newmark - Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Empowered Woman 

May 8: Lily Sanders - A Spiritual Guide To Finding Your Truth 

May 1: Veronica Farmer - Made Beautiful by Scars - A Global Story Movement 

April 24: Amy Newmark - Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Crazy Family 

April 3: Marie A. Georgopulos - Rapid Transformational Therapy™

March 27: Amy Newmark - Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Amazing Mom

March 20: Dr. Berit Brogaard - On Romantic Love: Simple Truths About A Complex Emotion

March 13: Dr. Jerid Fisher - Helping Military Children Cope with a Brain-Injured Parent

March 6: Judy Hoberman - Walking on the Glass Floor - 7 Leadership Qualities for Women 

February 27: Amy Newmark - Stories of Miracles to Brighten Even the Darkest Days

February 20: Dr. Saida Desilets - Sexual Sovereignty “How Women Claim Theirs and Men Honor It”

February 13: Kaliyani - Inspiring Humanity Through Exotic World Music

January 30: Michael Sullivan - Not Our Day To Die - Testimony from the Guatemalan Jungle

January 23: Diana-Liz Gallego -  Rejuvenating Yourself to the New You in the New Year

January 16: Dr. Leona Stucky - The Fog of Faith - Surviving My Impotent God 

January 9: Alexsys Thompson - Transforming Your Life Using The Trybal Gratitude Journal

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