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About Our Guest Anna Raimondi

Anna Raimondi, is an internationally renowned medium and spiritual counselor.  She also holds a BA in Clinical Psychology, a M.B.A. and is a Hypnotherapist, Grief Counselor and Spiritual Counselor.  

Anna was the host of a radio show on the Cox Radio called "Messages from Heaven."  She has written two books, “Talking to the Dead in Suburbia – An Ordinary Woman with an Extraordinary Gift” and “One with the Drum – A Journey to the Soul.”  Anna mission is to give others the tools they need to live their lives in joy, while following their souls' mission.

Her latest book, Conversations with Mary: Messages of Love, Healing, Hope, and Unity for Everyone, channels the Virgin Mary insightful prescriptive as a guide to modern spirituality. For those who loved Conversations with God and Ask and It Is Given, Conversations with Mary unveils a modern Mary, one who encourages meditation and enlightenment, and whose teachings apply to us globally.  Regardless of your culture or belief system, Mother Mary sees all humanity as her children, and she wants to teach and let us know that we are all children of the most Divine.

I invite you to listen to my interview with Anna Raimondi.  Our conversation will be about fate and free will, the power of faith, the role of religion and its corruption, the gifts of angels, the path to enlightenment, and how to find harmony in today’s divisive world.

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Listen To The Show (Tuesday November 21 at 10 AM CT) 

Conversations with Mary: Messages of Love, Healing, Hope, and Unity for Everyone, offers Anna's channelled of Mother Mary's illuminating, inspiring, and provocative lessons in modern prayer while guiding readers back to the simple messages God gave us of love and peace.

You can purchase Anna Raimondi's book here.


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