Johnny Tan empowers and inspires audiences with his unique style keynote speaking. He teaches individuals how to use the power of unconditional love as potent leadership and live a life of conscious choice through self-empowerment. Johnny encourages people to create opportunities for themselves to leave a legacy of love.

Johnny’s message is The Road to Wealth Is Defined by the Path of One’s Relationships. He believes that authenticity, humility and speaking from the heart lead to real connections. Applying these core principles in his unique team-building exercises “Synergy in 3 Easy Steps and Synergy of Oneness in 3 Easy Steps,” Johnny motivates participants to sharpen their non-verbal and verbal communication skills to create respect, trust and cooperation in their personal and professional relationships.

As a coach, Johnny has enriched his clients’ lives by providing them with a personalized connection blueprint.

As an author, Johnny’s bestselling and multi-award winning book, From My Mama’s Kitchen-“food for the soul, recipes for living” honors his relationships with his 9 moms and pays tribute to mothers everywhere. In 2015, Johnny was invited to share his story in the Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks to My Mom, edition. His story, “Thanks To My Nine Moms,” expresses the power of relationships, the nature of love and the meaning of life.

As a featured talk show host, Johnny’s weekly radio show, FMMK Talk Radio, ranks in the top 1% of Blog Talk Radioʼs most popular shows. The show is consistently featured, having amassed over one million listeners. Guests have included Amy Newmark, publisher of Chicken Soup for the Soul, the New York Times bestselling authors, experts in the field of personal and professional relationships, and artists. The show topics address family matters, relationships, community diversity, personal growth, health and wellness, spirituality, conscious living and promotes stories of ordinary people performing extraordinary feats.


Leadership Excellence
“In sharing his personal story about overcoming life’s challenges with great enthusiasm for the future, Johnny’s leadership speech brought inspiration to my team. We were left with renewed energy, focus, and strategic skills to use in enhancing our work and home life.”
— Kathleen Tucci, Founder and CEO, Light Beam Productions

Organizational Excellence
“Although we proclaimed we are a corporate family, it is sometimes easy to forget how many lives we impact daily because of business demands. Johnny’s potent leadership message and his insightful presentation from his book, From My Mama’s Kitchen, gave me the awareness and appreciation of my role and how I have the opportunity each day to positively influence both my employees and customers.”
— Michael Burnett, Vice-President, Midwest Tropical

Effective Communication
“I totally enjoyed and was bowled over by the techniques Johnny shared with us. They are unique, inspiring, and emotionally fresh. His diplomacy engages everyone, and his funny yet serious approach is very entertaining. It was a pleasure to hear him speak. I wish my family could have heard it.”
— Joseph Langston, Chief Operating Officer, MKJ Holdings

Conference Keynote
“Johnny’s ability to ‘reinvent’ his presentation to fit our specific needs and program was nothing short of impressive!  His demonstrated a sincere desire to discover our guild, to carefully listen to our needs and what we are working towards… was obvious from the moment we met him.  Every person who filled out our feedback forms recognized the impact and significance of Johnny’s keynote address.  The quality of his presentation and the personality he brought to the talk was as enjoyable as it was moving.”
— David W. Smith, Chairman, Heritage Writers Guild

ProSpeak Keynote
“Johnny revealed to us what the immense power of unconditional love can do for our personal and professional goals. His character and beliefs are not only the product of his adopted mom’s upbringing, but eight other exceptional moms have had a direct influence in his life’s journey. Johnny’s message delivers value and motivation to all who are willing to accept the impact of a mother’s unconditional love…”
— Anthony A. Kung, Toastmasters Group

Life Coaching
“Johnny’s unique coaching has expanded my life’s vision and made me a better human being.  He lead me to better understand my capabilities as well as my limitations. Consequently, I achieved greater satisfaction in all areas of my life.”
— D. WD., coaching client

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